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An Inside Look at Our Money 20/20 Experience

An image of the Money 20/20 event in Amsterdam and the Money 20/20 logo overlaying.

Money 20/20 Europe was a wonderful experience with an impressive lineup of keynote speakers, sponsored talks, events, and a great conference floor layout. Attendees represented leading fintech companies, with many delivering outstanding presentations that unveiled fresh perspectives and highlighted emerging trends in fraud prevention, back and front office efficiencies, and much more. Their knowledge and insights helped us solidify our market stance and differentiation in this ever-evolving fintech landscape. 

Panel discussions at Money 20/20 Europe were thought-provoking and engaging. They covered relevant topics such as ever-increasing attempts at fraud and the future of payments, attracting experts who shared their experiences and ideas. While I think some panels could have delved deeper into key industry concerns, they nevertheless provided valuable insights on topics such as the challenge of clearly identifying businesses and their executives, as well as challenges in liveness verification, both of which broadened Verif-y's understanding of the fintech ecosystem. 

In our opinion, one of the greatest strengths of Money 20/20 Europe was the networking opportunities it offered. The conference facilitated connections with like-minded professionals, allowing for meaningful conversations and potential collaborations. Through these interactions, we had the opportunity to exchange ideas, gain valuable advice, and establish connections that may shape Verif-y's future endeavors in the fintech space. 

As with any event, opinions about Money 20/20 Europe varied. Some attendees were disappointed by the higher cost of attendance and the cost of booths or other sponsorship opportunities. There were keynote speeches that reiterated well-known information, and panel discussions that lacked depth and innovation. Additionally, there were complaints about the event organization, including long queues and a few technical issues. However, despite these concerns, many participants we spoke with still managed to find value and left with positive takeaways. 

Overall, Money 20/20 Europe 2023 was a great fintech experience for our Verif-y team that offered a blend of inspiration, insights, and networking opportunities. While it had its highs and lows, the conference's impressive keynote speakers, coupled with many meetings in the connection lounge, and valuable networking sessions made it an event worth attending. While there were some organizational challenges, the overall value derived from Money 20/20 Europe has the potential to positively affect our company in the coming weeks and months.  

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