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Know Your Business
with Verif-y

Empowering Secure Partnerships: Simplify Trust with KYB Excellence

Global Business Verification

Adheres to data privacy regulations while providing comprehensive, informed data

Safeguard your company's compliance with various local and global regulations.

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Ensures protection for you and your company against fraudulent entities and scammers.

Officer/Director Verification
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Know Your Business Solutions 

Exceptional Quality, Custom Solutions

Accuracy and Efficiency
without Compromise

While Know Your Customer (KYC) screenings have been a longstanding practice, modern businesses are now subjected to similar levels of scrutiny prior to forming partnerships and undergoing internal compliance assessments. With our KYB solution, you can confidently establish secure business relationships, shielding yourself from potential scams and fraudulent dealings.


Our KYB process adheres to strict compliance with local regulations, gathering a comprehensive array of data encompassing business history, online activities, shareholder information, capital, leadership, debts, relevant paperwork and online filing, and more. This wealth of information empowers you with the essential insights needed to make informed business and financial decisions when considering onboarding or collaboration with another company. 

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