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Identity Verification

Automated, Accurate, and Efficient Identity Verification Solutions for you.

Key Features

Verif-y's credit card scanning solution provides the most quick, easy, and secure method of scanning a client's credit card and storing that information securely. With the convenience of easy scanning via webcam or phone, our system employs rapid AI processing to seamlessly cross-check credit card data with the user's personal information, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Enjoy effortless yet robust protection for all your financial transactions and online interactions.

Credit Card Scanning
Selfie Comparison

Selfie comparison is a critical element of digital identity verification. Verif-y ensures secure identity authentication by cross-referencing the user's ID document image with a selfie captured via their mobile device or webcam, which can include the user holding their ID document image during capture, enhancing the level of identity verification. Our cutting-edge face matching AI technology stands as a leading solution, enabling organizations to confidently authenticate users' identities.

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Liveness Detection/Verification has emerged as the essential measure for preventing digital identity fraud. Verif-y utilizes various aspects of liveness/facial detection and recognition to ensure that the person being identified is present, real, and not using a device to attempt to fake their (or someone else's!) presence. Verif-y is also able to extract a high-quality selfie from the liveness process and match that to prior scans as well as to the user’s ID document image. Verif-y’s advanced AI technologies excel in speed and precision, setting a new gold standard in liveness detection and verification.

Liveness Detection/Verification
Name & Document Matching

Ensuring accurate name matching across various documents can present significant challenges due to the complexity of name structures and formatting variations across various languages, regions, and cultures. Individuals may use names with multiple parts or symbols, proving challenging to name matching and record verification with traditional methods. Verif-y's solution involves a sophisticated blend of multiple algorithms, harnessing our proprietary AI and ML capabilities to facilitate fuzzy name matching. This advanced approach enables our clients to effectively validate their customers' identities while accommodating various name variations.

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AI Document Analysis

Over 90% of identity fraud involves counterfeit or fraudulent documents. Detect and prevent identity fraud with our Heatmap technology. We analyze dozens of relevant IDs and use AI and Machine learning to identify the areas in which the fraud was found in the document. Our system assesses visual ID data against barcode/MRZ details, evaluates additional security features, detects changes in the document photo and recognizes visual inconsistencies with the expected results.

Verif-y's cutting edge ID scanning and Verification services are equipped with the latest AI and Machine Learning technologies to reduce scanning time, increase accuracy, and eliminate fraudulent attempts. Seamlessly authenticate individuals and ensure identity document integrity through swift and accurate verification processes. Our solution effectively identifies and flags any attempts at fraudulent activity, safeguarding your business from potential risks and ensure secure operations.

Identity Verification & ID Scanning
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