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Electronic Data Storage Solutions

Unlocking value from your records through digitization & AI integration

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Verif-y's Transcript Repository

Verif-y has established a central repository exclusively designed for academic records, providing a seamless platform for uploading, storing, and distributing student requests for academic records. This centralized repository ensures that academic records remain accessible, even in cases where a school has closed or ceased to exist. 

Traditional methods for distributing academic records often prove time-consuming, inefficient, and involve repetitive manual processes, affecting all parties involved. There is a risk of records getting lost due to the challenges of retrieving them once a school is no longer operational. Verif-y addresses these issues with an industry-leading document repository solution. 

Verif-y streamlines transcript and degree verifications, granting students instant access and secure sharing options. Institutions can offload the responsibility of handling numerous verification requests, while students retain data control and privacy. Elevate your institution's services with Verif-y's automated solution. 

Digital Transformation

Verif-y's advanced data matching, powered by industry-leading identity authentication, empowers organizations to maximize the potential of their stored, current and older data sets. Our unique value proposition lies in extracting value from both physical and digital data, providing a competitive edge, enhancing customer relationships, and boosting internal marketing efficiency. We employ ML/AI analysis to uncover hidden insights, convert unstructured data into structured formats, and meticulously extract permissioned individual data from various forms of identification and documentation.

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Key Features

Data Matching

Matching downloaded data with industry leading identity information, allows client organizations to better mine their stored/stale data and maximize its value. Extracting value out of physical and digitally stored data is unique value add that provides organizations with a competitive advantage, better relationship with customers and increased efficiency with internal marketing.


All private, confidential and proprietary information is stored in our highly secure infrastructure. Data access can be configured to only be granted to the individuals or businesses that completed the process. All files are automatically encrypted before being uploaded. Data is controlled in accordance with the strictest security standards and with adherance to client requirements.


Verif-y’s platform enables organizations to materially improve privacy and regulatory compliance (such as CCPA, GDPR and more). We provide time-stamped, secure records for proof of attainment and review.


Verif-y provides a solution to International privacy regulations enabling safe storage and management of personally identifiable information (PII).

Multi-Layered Solution

Verif-y’s transcript and degree verification service automates the transcript process and all degree verifications, significantly reducing an institutions' workload. Students and alumni have immediate access to their transcripts, and they can share them with third parties instantaneously, all while providing unparalleled security and privacy.

Verif-y’s transcript and degree verification service eliminates the need for your staff to work on responding to hundreds, or thousands, of transcript and/or degree verifications each year. The student’s data always remains within their control and only the student can authorize the sharing of their data with third parties. Verif-y’s automated and privacy focused solution will enable your educational institution to provide exceptional and cutting-edge solutions to your students and alumni. 

Transform document retrieval from weeks to minutes with automated record requests 

Improved Turnaround

Turn paper-based academic records into secure, readily accessible digital assets

Document Integrity & Protection

Integrated payment system enables students to obtain academic records easily and affordably

Payment Processing
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Streamlined approach results in substantial cost savings, allowing you to allocate your budget more efficiently and invest in areas that matter most 

Identity Verification

Validate student identities quickly and securely to ensure data is safe from scammers and fraudsters

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Improved Efficiency

Enhance your efficiency, reducing the workload of school administrators, regulators and associated parties

A Truly Secure Platform

All private, confidential, and proprietary data is stored securely, backed by the latest technologies for data safety, controlled access, and permissioned sharing. We have integrated the latest AI technology for advanced monitoring and active threat protection.  

Access is exclusively granted to authenticated individuals or businesses, bolstering privacy and regulatory compliance, including HIPPA, CCPA/CPRA and GDPR

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