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Frequently Asked Questions


Is Verif-y currently hiring?

​We are always looking for high quality, innovative, entrepreneurial, independent thinkers to join our team. Please contact us at to submit your inquiry.

I forgot my Verif-y password. What should I do?

​Please select the ‘Forgot Password?’ option on the login page. A verification code will be sent to your registered email.

Why is my account locked, and how can
I access it again?

​Accounts may be temporarily locked after multiple unsuccessful login attempts for security reasons. It will automatically unlock after 15 minutes.

What is the timeline for verification results?

​We provide a suite of identity services to commercial as well as government organizations from around the world. Each verification is different, however, on average we lead in processing time in each of the industries we serve. Digital identity checks, take seconds, credential verifications are dependent on the validating party but normally take less than a day. And lastly, background checks are normally processed in 24 hours or less, however, depending on the different part of the check it can take a few days.

Where can I check for any system outages or disruptions related to Verif-y's services?

Verif-y maintains an industry leading uptime availability. If our site is not available please visit again from a different computer or wait a few minutes and try again.

I'm not a financial institution client, but I would like to use Verif-y's app.

Besides financial institutions, we also provide credential & employment verification and identity verification for other industries. Please reach out to our sales team ( with the specific areas of interest and we will be happy to provide you with additional information.

How does Verif-y ensure the security of the data provided?

We prioritize data security and use advanced encryption methods to protect all information. Our systems undergo regular security audits to ensure the highest levels of protection.

What measures are in place to ensure candidate privacy during the background check process?

We adhere to strict privacy guidelines and regulations, including the GDPR for European Union candidates. Only authorized personnel can access background check reports, and we do not share this data without explicit consent.

What is a digital credential?

Digital credentials are online versions of a qualification, certification, or achievement that can be verified instantly on the web.

What makes Verif-y different from other credential verification companies?

Verif‑y provides users with instant access and control over who can see their information and when. We provide individuals with a competitive advantage in the job market as they can provide their independently verified credentials and employment history directly and instantly. Verif‑y also benefits employers by providing timely, accurate results – enabling employers to reduce the costs and risks of verifying employment records, and track employee licenses and certifications. As a result, this alleviates the need to maintain past employment records for years.

What credentialing solutions does
Verif-y offer?

Verif-y is a global identity platform that addresses the need to provide identity, background checks , and credentialing solutions to various organizations and individuals around the world. It offers Digital Identity screening, Background Checks, and Credential solutions, catering to a diverse network that includes individuals, license providers, governments, employers, credential providers, and membership organizations.

What is the security of my credentials?

Credentials are stored with the highest level of compliance with local and international regulations, and with the highest levels of adherence to global cybersecurity regulations.

Can I share my credentials?

Yes! You can share your credentials directly from Verif-y to various destinations via email, or via our online credential sharing platform .

I need additional support!

You can find tutorials and answers to more questions on our support page and by contacting our support team directly or through the live-chat option.


What is my role in record verification?

As a Registrar or HR employee we ask that you verify the record submitted by the individual for verification. Your verification assists individuals in validating their involvement with your organization and allows them to ensure that their validated credentials are properly used to support their endeavors.

Can we integrate Verif-y's services into our existing system?

Yes, we work with organizations around the world to streamline verification of various credentials and experiences. Verif-y is unmatched in its handling of PII and data records in that it ensures the highest levels of security as well as enables individuals to control and confirm the sharing of their validated data. You can learn more about how Verif-y can help Educators and Employers by contacting tour sales team at

For Registrars & Reviewers

What are the cost of services?

Various service levels are available with different features and quantities. The cost and benefits of each can be received by contacting our sales team at

How can Verif-y help us generate revenue?
What are the contract terms?

We offer flexible contract terms, and our platform can also help institutions generate revenue from their credentials. For additional information please contact our sales team at

Why should we choose Verif-y's transcript ordering system?

Verif-y credentialing system is a world leader in customer access, security and privacy. Our platform offers advanced features, comprehensive reporting, and seamless integration with various APIs.

Does Verif-y comply with all regulations, including FERPA?

Yes! Verif-y's transcript services are fully FERPA compliant, and all data secured with Verif-y follows local and regional regulations

Does Verif-y support digitally signed
transcripts and PDFs?

Yes, we support and encourage institutions to digitally sign their transcripts for added authenticity and convenience.

Can we control documents post-delivery?

Institutions have control over their documents even after delivery. Transcripts are quickly and securely provided upon request. Paper delivery of transcripts is also supported; However, this service entails an additional fee.

Can other documents be attached to transcripts?

No additional attachments are supported at this time. Official transcripts provided by the States, are delivered with an official State Letter.

What support is provided to students?

Students are supported by our dedicated support team, who can be contacted for help with any issues or questions.

Transcript Services

Background Checks

What is the scope of Verif-y's background checks?

Our checks can range from criminal record searches, education and employment verifications, to specialized checks based on industry specific requirements

Can I request a background check demo?

Click “Book Demo” on the upper corner or email your request to to request a demo. After providing us with your basic information and product inquiry, our sales team will respond to you as soon as possible.

How long do background checks take
through Verif-y?

With our suite of verification and check services, timing can vary; however, on average we lead in processing time in each of the industries we serve. Digital identity checks, take seconds, credential verifications are dependent on the validating party but normally take less than a day. And lastly, background checks are normally processed in 24 hours or less, however, depending on the different part of the check it can take a few days.

What information is required from candidates for a background check?

We typically require the candidate’s full name, address history, date of birth, and Social Security Number. Additional details might be needed based on the check’s depth and residence of the candidate.

I'm receiving an error message while initiating a background check. What should I do?

Please contact our support team with the error details. They’ll guide you through resolving the issue.

How does Verif-y handle international background checks?

Verif-y offers a wide array of international background checks through our networks of partners. International checks might take longer to complete due to varying regulations and record accessibility in different countries. We ensure thoroughness and compliance with local laws.

Are there specific documention requirements for non-US candidates?

Each country has its own laws and regulations relating to background checks. Depending on the country, additional documentation might be required.

How does GDPR impact Verif-y's international screenings?

We adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines, ensuring data protection and privacy for candidates.

Are drug tests part of Verif-y's background check process?

Drug tests can be included based on the employer’s requirements. The substances tested will depend on the job profile and employer’s criteria.

How does Verif-y ensure compliance with various regulations?

We stay updated with federal, state, and international background screening laws. Our technology applies relevant content filters based on these laws, ensuring all checks are compliant.

I found inaccuracies in my background check. How can I address this?

If you identify any discrepancies or inaccuracies in your report, please contact our dedicated support team.

How can employers integrate Verif-y's screening solutions into their systems?

Employers can seamlessly integrate our screening solution into their applicant tracking system (ATS) or HR platforms. We provide detailed API documentation and support to facilitate this integration.

How is the cost for a background check determined?

The cost varies based on the depth and complexity of the screenings required. We offer customized solutions to fit different employer needs and can provide detailed pricing upon request.

Does Verif-y offer packages for bulk background checks?

Yes, we offer tailored packages for businesses that require a large number of background checks, ensuring cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

If you have further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out; we're always here to help!

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