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Enterprise Identity 
Verification Solutions

Validate identities and backgrounds for you and your customers.

Certifications & Compliance

CCPA Compliance Badge
CCPA Compliance badge
SOC2  Type2 compliance badge
SOC 2 TYPE 2 compliance badge
GDPR compliance badge
GDPR compliance badge
California Privacy Rights Act compliance badge
California privacy rights act compliance badge
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PCI DSS compliance badge

Our Services

Verif-y uses AI and machine learning technologies for a variety of digital solutions, setting higher standards of efficiency, accuracy, security, and compliance.

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Credential Services

Verif-y provides a cost-effective and highly secure software platform for organizations and individuals to exchange and validate various types of credentials -- thus, simplifying the use of these credentials for various purposes, including employers' candidate filtering processes, applications for higher education, licensing, and much more.

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Identity Verification


Seamlessly scan global IDs and verify data against existing credentials.    Verif-y's advanced artificial intelligence provides secure and quick verification, complemented by a layer of added authentication through our Selfie and Liveness services, utilizing top facial recognition technology to signifigantly minimize fraud and spoofing attacks.

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Background Checks

Verif-y provides tailored screening services aiming to deliver innovative and accurate background check solutions that save our clients time and money. Our streamlined processes minimize redundancy, ensuring the most accurate data on your candidate while upholding compliancy standards.

Industry-leading Accuracy and Speed

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     Verif-y’s platform delivers the most advanced features of digital identity verification, background checks and credentialing solutions that build trust and enhance compliance and security. Verif-y’s compliance services allow businesses to seamlessly and cost-effectively onboard new users and customers.

This allows for new user relationships to be established in a quick, compliant, auditable, and secure manner.       Verif-y’s platform provides clients with a highly secure environment, leveraging multiple levels of encryption and when appropriate users’ controlled access rights to Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Verif-y is the only platform that materially improves privacy compliance while helping organizations transition data ownership to their users.  

Our Partners & Clients

See which organizations choose Verif-y for credentialing solutions, data repositories, advanced authentication technologies, and more.

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