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Verif-y Applications

Privacy-focused Identity Verification

Automate your Identity Screening

Verif-y’s platform integrates key features of identity verification that build trust and enhance security.

Verif-y’s compliance services allow businesses to seamlessly, swiftly, and cost-effectively onboard new users and customers. This allows for new user relationships to be established in a compliant, auditable, and secure manner.

Verif-y’s platform provides clients with a highly secure environment due to its use of blockchain, multiple levels of encryption and user’s controlled access rights to Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

The only platform that materially improves privacy compliance while helping organizations transition data ownership to their users.

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Solving Real Compliance Problems

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Identity Verification

Verif y’s world leading identity verification and compliance screening services include KYC (Know Your Customer), IDV (Identity Verification), KYB (Know Your Business) and Sanction screenings (AML, OFAC, etc.). These services allow various types of organization types to engage interact with new and existing customers and users in a new, prompt, frictionless, auditable and highly secure manner.

Credential & Employment Verification

Verif-y modernizes the relationship between employers, their current and past employees as well as their new job applicants. Through our employment verification and background check services, we reduce the employer’s time and resources expended on completing background checks, as well as verifying employment history and continuously validating past employment.

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Background Checks

Verif-y provides a global background check validation service. Our solution enables employers to thoroughly investigate their employees and vendors to ensure that they are who they claim to be. Ensure no material findings can negatively affect the employer or their working environment. Verif-y aggregates (permissioned) users’ information, and enables individuals to create their own set of unique identifiers. These identifiers are then shared by the individual, thus facilitating faster processing, lower fees, and unmatched levels of privacy compliance

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Data Repository

Verif-y’s Data Repository Solution enables organisations to offload sensitive data to a secure, decentralized repository to provide validated access. Leveraging the repository solutions allows enterprises to minimise risk, cut costs, and access new insights around their sensitive data.

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