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What Does Verif‑y Do?

Verif‑y pioneered the creation of a user managed, verifiable, and secure digital identity. Our platform enables a quick and secure digital verification process, and a resulting digital identity based on various credentials such as degrees, transcripts, licenses, and employment histories among others. Verif‑y empowers individuals to manage their individualized, highly-secured digital hub of their identity and background – instantaneously accessible across all of their devices.

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Who uses Verif‑y?


Candidates with verified credentials have an advantage over other candidates relying on unverified resumes.


Traditional verification services are slow, taking weeks or even months to return results. Verif‑y provides timely, accurate results, enabling employers to reduce the costs and risks in verifying employment records, and track employee licenses and certifications, while alleviating the need to maintain past employment records for numerous years.

Credential Providers

Colleges and Universities can be overloaded by diploma, transcript, and enrollment requests – consuming precious human and financial resources.


Governments are provided with the ability to accurately and rapidly credential potential employees and contractors in a cost-effective manner. In addition we enable governments to provide valuable services to their HR arms as well as to their current and past employees. Lastly, identity services will allow large scale efficiencies and improved services to citizens.


Members will be able to verify membership when attending events, while interacting with other members and when validating their memberships to relevant third parties.

License providers

Allow license holders to immediately and accurately validate their license standing to third parties such as employers, healthcare and regulatory organizations

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