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Verif-y Health Pass

Why Use the Verif-y Pass?

Addresses CDC guidelines and requirements for demonstrating compliance with public safety best practices

Frictionlessly manage admission and capacity to venues based on evolving conditions thereby maximizing in-person attendance for live events

Increase admission process efficiency through streamlining attendees with a digital Verif-y Health Pass

The Verif-y Health Pass is the best-in-class solution that provides a digital, fully secure means for businesses, offices and venues to demonstrate adherence to public safety guidelines and protects that information in a digital, shareable wallet.

As offices and campuses reopen and travel ramps up,  people will need a frictionless and trusted means with which to share vaccination (COVID-19, Measels, Tetanus, etc.) records digitally. This is especially true for institutions of higher learning, many of which are now requiring students to be vaccinated prior to returning to on-campus activities, including sporting events. Yet, the current methods being used to validate and record vaccination status are still largely dependent on manual, resource intensive processes. It is paramount to modernize the current processes for demonstration of health records, including vaccinations. The Verif-y Health Pass provides a means to digitally share health records while protecting the individual’s personal health information.


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