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Verif-y's Know Your Customer (KYC) Solution

One of Verif-y’s flagship services is Know Your Customer (KYC). Verif-y’s KYC solution, based on decades of real-world financial services and trading experiences, provides a technologically superior, scalable, and easy to integrate (API, SDK, or iFrame) solution. 

Our scanning technologies cover all major global identity documents, which are processed using our layered OCR and machine learning technologies. Layering additional image analysis, credit card, selfie comparisons, and Artificial Intelligence, allows our clients to quickly and accurately identify mistakes and bad actors attempting to circumvent their onboarding and identity verification processes. With easy to customize rules and dashboards numerous communication preferences, and flexible algorithms, our screening solutions adapt to each client’s specific operational and regulatory/compliance needs.

Our secure, transparent, and cost-effective processes allow transactions with previously unknown customers, entities, and investors to be completed in a quick, highly reliant, and cost-effective manner.  

Users experience a frictionless on-boarding process that includes identity and credit card scanning, selfie capturing, liveness tests and custom flows that fit the specific client use case. Customers walk away from the experience happier, more satisfied, and with increased privacy protection.

Know Your Customer processes can be costly and time consuming and can end up crating high attrition rates and customer frustration. Verif-y’s solutions are easily integrated into existing processes, which immediately increases efficiency and reduces friction and unnecessary costs. Verif-y’s KYC solution allows organizations to efficiently identify and manage its customers’ and users identity needs.

Our secure, transparent, and cost-effective processes allow transactions with previously unknown customers, entities, and investors to become a seamless experience. This leads to frictionless registration for users’ on-boarding, account opening, and improves the receipt of capital from global investors.

Know Your Customer, Verif-y Them.

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Verif-y's Know Your Business (KYB) Solution

Verif-y screens millions of businesses across the globe for financial crimes, proper registration, government sanctions and other information found by our advanced machine learning and advanced algorithms.  In addition, we perform KYC/sanction list checks on directors and major shareholders of the firms being investigated to help our clients meet their business, regulatory, and compliance requirements.

Automated searches against global business registries to authenticate a business’ standing.  

Verif-y screens corporate registration and incorporation documents for data authenticity 

For each business’ officers and directors, Verif-y  performs comprehensive KYC/AML and sanction lists screenings

Automated screenings against major social media platforms and other online databases to verify the strength of the online presence and authenticity of the business

Verif-y's Sanctions Screening Solution | Identity Verification

Verif-y's Sanctions Screening Solution

We screen end users against a plethora of sanction databases sourced from regulatory authorities, third-parties, and government sites from around the world. These include OFAC, EU, UK, OSFI, and we can add hundreds more per request. Individual’s names are scanned against these lists as well as against our own internal lists, instantly, and flagged if appropriate.



Verif-y's Accredited Investor Verification Solution

Validate your investor’s accreditation status accurately, quickly and cost effectively. Traditional Accredited Investor screenings are  mostly manual and take hours or days to complete they are expensive and do not provide ongoing adherence with changing regulations. Our team of seasoned experts developed various technologies and processes that expedite and simplify the process. As a privacy focused organization, we are very serious about our clients and their customers’ data, how its used, by whom, and for how long. Therefore, we enable individuals to control what personal information is shared with Verif-y and our clients, and provide users with unmatched control of their records post processing.     

Verif-y's Accredited Investor Verification Solution | Identity Verification

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