Credential & Employment Verification

Fast & Secure credential & employment verification

Key Features

The Verif-y C&EV Solution

Verif-y changes the game by providing a modern solution: an immediate, cost-effective, and privacy-focused software based solution for organizations and individuals to exchange & validate personal identity and credential data.

The Verif-y C&EV platform offers a streamlined solution for validating credentials such as previous employment, education, licenses, and more. Individuals can easily view and store verified credentials, as well as share them with any entities or personnel. Individuals can utilize their  verified credentials to build up their digital identity  and enhance their resume, all while maintaining control over their information. Entities can validate an individual’s credentials quickly, simply, and securely, saving time and money. 


The Verif-y C&EV Solution | Fast & Secure Credential & Employment Verification

For Organizations

Organizations can easily request and monitor verified credentials of employees, platform users, students/alumni, and much more. Organizations can review all pertinent information through their customizable web based, secure, administrator dashboards, all in real time.

For Individuals

Individuals can request credential verification from previous employers, universities, licensing agencies, etc. via Verif-y’s website or our one-of-a-kind mobile app. Their request is sent through the Verif-y platform, where our machine learning and artificial intelligence engines make the appropriate authoritative determination regarding the data’s authenticity.

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