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Verif-y addresses the need to provide identity, compliance, and credentialing solutions to individuals and organizations around the world. Our network includes individuals, license providers, governments, employers, credential providers and membership organizations (View Industries)

Verif‑y provides users with instant access and control over who can see their information and when. We provide individuals with a competitive advantage in the job market as they can provide their independently verified credentials and employment history directly and instantly. Verif‑y also benefits employers by providing timely, accurate results – enabling employers to reduce the costs and risks of verifying employment records, and track employee licenses and certifications. As a result, this alleviates the need to maintain past employment records for years. 

Click “Book Demo” on the upper corner or email your request to sales@verif-y.com to request a demo. After providing us with your basic information and product inquiry, our customer service team will respond to you as soon as possible. 

If you are interested in our products and services, feel free to e-mail our sales team (sales@verif-y.com) to further inquire about a customized product for you. 

Besides financial institutions, we also provide credential & employment verification and identity verification for individuals and different industries. Try our Verif-y app today to see what we offer and reach out to our sales team (sales@verif-y.com for more information.

Yes. Verif-y aggregates a user’s information to create their own set of unique identifiers. These identifiers are then shared with user approval to facilitate faster processing, access management and much more. 

Verif-y’s Digital Wallet allows individuals to own their digital identity by viewing, storing, and sharing their credentials.  Email sales@verif-y.com to learn more about the Verif-y Digital Wallet.  

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