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The Verif‑y Know Your Customer (KYC) Platform allows businesses to trust unknown customers in a prompt, efficient, auditable and secure manner.

Verif‑y KYC provides a simple, cost effective, one-stop-shop solution designed to meet regulatory requirements of our clients, and address the ever-shifting landscape of financial and privacy compliance, KYC, and cryptocurrency audit needs.

The Verif‑y KYC Platform is highly secure and employs multiple layers of threat detection and encryption. We deploy sophisticated measures to ensure the security of individual records as well as compliance with privacy regulations across the globe.

Why Choose Verif-y's KYC Platform?




Verif-y provides tools and customization to seamlessly integrate our solution into your Web and Mobile sites, on-boarding processes and Compliance requirements. Clients may access their KYC data on Blockchain or via API.



Verif‑y employs a Next Generation Defense-In-Depth (NGDiD) security strategy across its platforms to ensure data integrity, validation and verification at every step of a transaction or process.



Verif-y offers transparency, accuracy and completeness of records to ensure auditability. Verif-y's KYC algorithm captures and analyzes all data to generate KYC decisions based on business and compliance rules.




Verif‑y provides the user with control of their personal data. Users have the option to 'acknowledge' their data by clicking a consent check box to allow their data to be shared with a 3rd party or to "actively" share data by specifically sharing it through the app.



Verif‑y is able to generate a robust level of blockchain based digital identification that reduces the cost of credential verification by removing the need for third party companies. Verif-y’s platform puts the user in direct communication with those seeking verification of their credentials.



Verif‑y deploys a reusable KYC solution that reduces friction for ICOs and provides an overall better user experience. Verif‑y provides users with a KYC record for their profile, which they can then re-use for any future KYC needs.




Verif‑y identifies and blocks users who fail to meet Client’s KYC screening parameters, which can include nationality, age or inclusion on AML and PEP lists.

Machine Learning/AI


Verif-y utilizes data-driven, AI software to monitor the regulatory scene worldwide for updates in regulations, ID documents, sanctions lists and politically exposed persons (PEPs).  


Designed to meet the needs of customers, investors, and token purchases utilizing cryptocurrency transactions.