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Verif-y offers a streamlined approach to verify employment and education credentials (C&EV), and alleviates the time and pain of manual education verification. 

Verif-y authenticated digital education record lets employers easily see that your digital information verifies you are who you say you are, and that your academic achievements are validated. 

Verif-y’s education verification benefits alumni, students, universities, and employers.

Benefits to employers

Immediate verification of job applicants saves time and reduces the risk of hiring based on false records. Avoid losing top candidates due to a lengthy verification process. With so much fraudulent information out there, Verif-y ensures the integrity of each credential through advanced individual authentication processes

Benefits to Job Applicants

Verif-y provides students and alumni with unlimited, highly secured, lifetime access and control over verified credentials. Having an authenticated digital diploma helps to differentiate you in the marketplace, while making it easy for potential employers to trust your qualifications.

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Credentials like a diploma or job experience can be presented on a digital resume or CV, but a hiring manager has to verify those credentials manually.

Outdated methods of data validation, including phone calls or fax, are slow, inefficient, and redundant, putting stress on both the employer looking to validate this credential, and the job applicant.

Hiring managers are constantly juggling requests for employment verification, working to onboard employees and vet new applicants. Managing all of these requests is resource and time intensive 

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