Verif-y, Inc. | How Verif-y works
How Verif‑y works
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How it works

Verif‑y is committed to ensuring data integrity and security as well as the privacy of our users.

Some of our security features include:

Multi-factor authentication

Secured Socket Layer connection (SSL)

Document encryption and integrity technology

24 hour monitored physical security

Intrusion detection

Integrated Blockchain Technology

  • How does Verif‑y work?

    Verif‑y's platform receives uploads of verified credentials from the awarding institutions and places them in the appropriate user's repository. Users control who can see their verified credentials and determine what sections of their repository will be made available.

    Why use Verif‑y?

    Verif‑y provides individuals with a competitive advantage in the job market, as users can provide their independently verified credentials and employment history directly to credential requestors, instantly and securely.