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Behind the Scenes at Verif-y

We are Verif-y

Verif-y is on a mission to give people back control of their Digital Identity while streamlining compliance and credentialing solutions for organizations.

Organizations who request and receive access to this verified information are able to improve their on-boarding speeds, increase administrative efficiencies and materially reduce their compliance and privacy regulation burdens.

Our Story

Our founder, while working in the cut-throat world of investment banking, witnessed first-hand (more than a few times) the gap in the accuracy of credential verification and the repercussions that occurred as a result of these inaccuracies. This sparked a sequence of ideas on how to address this issue and thus, Verif-y was created.

Verif-y began full operations in early 2017 with a small team of devoted individuals. Over the past three years, we’ve been improving technologies, gaining new team members, adding to our list of services, and saddened every time we have to say goodbye to an intern. Despite this ongoing change and growth, our main goals haven’t changed – to give people back the control over their own identity, while creating a more efficient process of identity verification, privacy and compliance for all parties involved.

As we progress through our lives we constantly encounter situations where we need to provide information about our professional and personal histories. At Verif-y, we realized that this narrative is universal to everyone who is looking for a job, applying for finances, investing and much more.

We also recognized that most of the information that is used to evaluate our financial, employment, or credential authenticity is not within our control. Verif‑y was created to change that! Our users own their information and have the power to decide who can see and access it, as well as remove access when they desire.

The Faces Behind our Success

Meet the Verif-y Management Team

Ed Zabar

Founder & CEO

Colleen Connors


Matt Stack


David Wood

VP Product

Chad Peiper

Chief Architect

David Maberry

VP Business Development

Tammy Fudem

General Counsel

Meet Verif-y's Trusted Advisors

Lewis Larson


Adam Schwartz


Shoshanna Loeb


Neal Trieber


Gil Tsabar


Andrew Bull


Sandeep Katarnavre


Martín Sola


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