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About Verif‑y
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Our mission is to develop and use the best technologies in order to provide unique and evolving value to our users through continued innovation, determination and customer obsession. We will continue to provide individuals with the ability to own and control their identity, and provide employers, credential providers, and other organizations with better ways to serve their employees, students and members while improving their operational efficiencies.

Our Story

As we progressed through our lives we constantly encountered situations where we needed to provide information about our histories.  We realized that this story is common to everyone who is looking for a job, applies for financing or needs to prove their employment status.  We also realized that most of the pieces of information that are used to evaluate our financial, employment or credential authenticity are not within our control.  Verif‑y was created to change that – we want users to own their information and decide who can see it.

Meet the Team

Ed Zabar

Ed Zabar has over 25 years of professional experience, most recently founding and managing Verif‑y. Prior to founding Verif‑y, Ed served as a turnaround CEO of a UK technology company with $40M in revenues, where he returned the company to profitability and prepared it for a sale.

Prior to this role Ed was a senior investment banker with several leading boutique firms in New York and Philadelphia. In these roles, he focused mainly on mergers and acquisitions and funding of early and expansion stage Technology, Media and Telecom companies. In addition to his role as managing director at Oberon Securities in New York, Ed also fulfilled the roles of COO and CTO and was a big part of the management team's success in propelling the investment bank to a strong market position. Prior to his work as an investment banker, Ed was: Vice President at a New York based venture capital firm as well as a US/Hong Kong family office where he executed multiple transactions with technology companies in various stages of development.

Prior to these roles, Ed served as an Executive Vice President of sales and marketing at ViewTrade Securities where he was instrumental in increasing the company's global client base and its revenues from $500,000 to over $15M a year; and a financial and technology consultant at Goldman Sachs and PwC where he advised many fortune 500 financial services and manufacturing firms. Ed also co-founded and exited two technology startups in the late 90's early 2000's. Ed served in the military as a lieutenant in various roles including, Intelligence and at the core of engineers.

Ed holds an MBA from Columbia University and a BS in Finance and Information Technology from New York University.

Ed Zabar

CEO / Founder
Colleen Connors

Colleen Connors has over 14 years of professional experience spanning technology and finance. Colleen is currently the Director of System Operations for Verif‑y. She brings over 4 years of technology experience as the founder and CEO of a sports equipment technology startup. Prior to working in technology Colleen was a Global Fixed Income Fund Manager at Schroder Investment Management working in their Philadelphia and London offices.
Colleen holds an MBA from Babson College – Olin Graduate School of Business and a BA from the University of Pennsylvania

Colleen Connors

Director of Sys Ops
John Chaisson

John has decades of business development experience across fintech, media and startups, most recently with Verif‑y as a Strategy Consultant overseeing business development. Prior to Verif‑y, John served as a strategy consultant for Spotify, Perseus Telecom and Company Cue – primarily identifying and developing new products for these companies. From 2006 – 2013, John co-founded and launched two high frequency trading firms, where he developed Fintech and market making partnerships in the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia. In China, John developed strategic relationships with leaders in the Chinese equity and commodity trading business (key trading companies, exchange executives and key stakeholders at the Chinese regulator). He also led up Compliance and Know Your Customer (“KYC”) work at both trading companies. Prior to that, John lead business development at Gigantic Entertainment, working with esteemed director Kevin Kerslake on media projects spanning live music, extreme sports and documentary film projects. Before joining forces with Kerslake, John led business development at Enigma Digital, a first generation music streaming network based in Los Angeles led by industry veterans Bob Ezerin, Bill and Wesley Hein and Michael Abrams. John's international experience includes business development in Asia, Mainland China, the Middle East and Europe, as well as setting up companies in the US, Asia (including China) and other jurisdictions.
John has a Bachelors in Asian Studies from the University of Vermont.

John Chaisson

Director of Business Development
Tammy Fudem

As General Counsel, Tammy oversees the company's global corporate, commercial, intellectual property and regulatory legal affairs. Tammy joined Verif‑y in 2016 and has developed the company's legal strategy during a period of high growth. Prior to her work at Verif‑y, Tammy was a senior attorney in New York and Toronto and worked at the following firms: Stikeman Elliott, Sidley, Thelen and Golenbock Eisman, which are some of the most prominent corporate law firms in the world. Some of her roles at these firms included representing fortune 500/public companies as well as startups and other private enterprises, advising them on governance, mergers and acquisitions, IPOs and various other corporate matters.

Tammy Fudem

General Counsel

Dr. Peiper completed his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2008. While completing his graduate work at the University of Illinois, Dr. Peiper was a Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science where he taught and facilitated lectures on course topics ranging between 30 to 250 students, inclusive of both online and classroom settings. Other teaching engagements include Adjunct Professor positions at Walden, Strayer, and Kaplan Universities.

Prior to joining Verif‑y, Dr. Peiper worked as a Sr. Application Architect as a sub-contractor for Northrop Grumman Corporation (NGC), where he was a member of the Global Command Control System Joint Integrated Intelligence (GCCS-J/I3) Architecture Team under the umbrella of the Department of Defense (DoD). In this role, Dr. Peiper was responsible for helping to develop and drive the infrastructure roadmap for enterprise architectural strategies in the standardization and modernization of legacy environments for the GCCS-J in support of the multiple PMO overseeing the 200-million-dollar project. Dr. Peiper worked as a Sr. Infrastructure Architecture at Elsevier, where he was responsible for planning, maintaining and improving the technology architecture for Elsevier's Technology Systems, around the AWS (Amazon Web Services), virtualization, continuous integration, test driven development, and automation.

Dr. Peiper is currently an Adjunct Professor in Cybersecurity at the University of Maryland University College.

In addition to specializing in Infrastructure and Cloud Computing, Dr. Peiper has worked extensively with docker, security, and more recently over the past two years, on blockchain technologies.

Chad Peiper, PhD

Sr. Solutions Architect
Tammy Fudem

Adam Luciano has 13 years of professional experience spanning multiple industries, most recently in development of Verif‑y’s blockchain and self-sovereign identity platform. Prior to joining Verif‑y, Adam held several positions focusing on analytics, product development, consulting and alternative investments.

Adam discovered the blockchain industry in 2012, investing in Bitcoin, later Ethereum, and in ICOs of over 30 blockchain companies. Adam has also advised on building blockchain platforms for US based and global startups across data monetization, crypto-investment, and digital identity industries.

Prior to Verif‑y, Adam focused on ROI of digital marketing activities and valuing new product opportunities for a top insurance carrier. Adam also worked in a strategy and product development role for a Boston based technology company where he led development and launched a new Medicare based SaaS product. Prior to working in technology, Adam was a market research analyst and published reports benchmarking organizations that outsourced business processes. Prior to Adam’s MBA, Adam worked in the commodities trading and hedge fund industry, programming trading algorithms and profitably trading interest rate futures, commodity futures, and foreign exchange markets.

Adam holds an MBA from Babson College – Olin Graduate School of Business and a BBA in Finance and Investments from Baruch College

Adam Luciano

Director of Blockchain

Our Advisors

Shoshana Loeb

Shoshana Loeb,

David Schwartz


Lewis Larson


David Schwartz


Neal Trieber


Gil Tsabar


Paul Booth


Lior Zysman


Kirk Philips CPA

Kirk Philips

Karthik Iyer


About Our Solution

Our Solution Our Solution
Our Solution
  • 1
    User enters their credentials
  • 2
    Credential providers verify each record, through the Verif‑y platform, and the user is notified
  • 3
    Credential provider uploads user record and the user is notified to confirm the acceptance of the verified record
  • 4
    User's Digital Identity Score is updated, verified, and managed in the secure application back-end
  • 5
    User can share their verified credentials with a third party of their choice